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Jurumani Solutions is a dynamic and growing employer of Africa’s top Telecoms and Technology Talent. We recognise that the collective skills, experience and attributes of our people define the true value of our organisation. Our staff span a wide range of technology-focused roles, including strategy, product development, analysis, systems development, network operations, engineering and service delivery.

We actively seek diversity of skill where innovation, continuous improvement and a passion for technology is what gets you up in the morning. Our employees thrive in an Agile environment, they get involved in projects that require a collaborative approach to "build things" and hold a strong focus on fostering a learning culture.




Who we are

Jurumani partners with telecommunications and technology companies across Africa, helping them to better serve customers, build and operate networks and services, and find a sustainable path to growth.
We support our clients strategically and operationally as they confront the largest challenges by an industry in rapid evolution. We are African Telecoms and Technology Talent with unrivalled depth and diversity.

We believe communications and technology is the single most powerful way to extend economic opportunities and reduce inequality to millions of people across the African continent.



Open Door Policy

Our open-door policy is symbolic of our fairly flat structure, and that’s purposeful. Intended to foster an environment of collaboration, high performance and mutual respect between our People.

Exposure to Latest Technology

We encourage a ‘Next thinking’ mindset. We have developed a Programme through which we can all learn, share, apply and demonstrate new practices to place us at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and innovation in our environment.

Training & Development

We strive to continuously improve the effectiveness of organizations and the individuals and teams within them through our Training and Development initiatives.

Work-life Balance

We care about who you are and what you do outside of work! We have some interesting People from Para-gliders, Musicians, Brewers, Gamers, Comrades Runners, Artisanal Bread Bakers. And let’s not forget the Mom’s and Dad’s!


This is what we call our Corporate Social Events. We’ve come a long way, from Boerie rolls and Beer to Food trucks and DJ’s. It’s an opportunity to gather and recognise our People.


We understand that recognition drives motivation and encourages employee engagement. We recognise our people in various ways including on the spot awards, career progression, training opportunities and increases.

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