Midrand, South Africa

Jurumani Solutions is an IT professional services (consulting & outsourcing) and solutions provider, operating through the Jurumani Solutions and Tangent Solutions brands.

Through the Jurumani Solutions brand, the company focuses mainly on the telecommunications space, wherein it provides consulting and outsourcing services, and through Intelligent Automation (RPA) on a range of market sectors and industry verticals. 

Through the Tangent Solutions brand, the group offers software development services and projects to enterprise clients across segments, though is strong in telco, financial services, healthcare, and retail.

To date, the company’s growth has been largely enabled through organic account expansion within existing customers. The management team recognises the importance of establishing and growing brand presence to grow the Software Development and Intelligent Automation lines of business, and diversity of the company’s client base in telco.

As a developer, you will find yourself amongst ambitious, like-minded individuals who thrive on solving problems. Development teams have a culture of learning from each other. This ensures that any innovation is capitalised upon as effectively within the company as possible. You will be expected to understand not only a problem but also the context within which it lies so that any solution presented is relevant in a greater scope. Developers at Jurumani thrive on the fast-paced learning required to consistently incorporate novel technologies into projects.

The Developer role includes developing the various components required in the team’s engagements. Work on the entire technology stack, from backend to frontend but focus mainly on the frontend aspect of applications. 

Understand not only the specific components but have a direct hand in, but also the entire project and the context in which components will serve. Awareness of the work that all teammates are doing, at least to a minor degree.

Although not a direct expectation of the role, occasionally engage in design/architectural discussions to learn more about fulfilling such a role and groom yourself for future growth. 

Role responsibilities and key focus areas:

Develop in a variety of languages, such as JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS3 in a full-stack setting. Use and incorporate various platforms and technologies, such as:

  • OutSystems
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • MongoDB
  • SQL

Constant learning of new software and cloud-based technologies. Jurumani adopts modern design practices either in AWS, or Microsoft Azure (Tangent) cloud deployment. Since no two problems are the same, no two solutions will be either. It is important to decide on a solution that is best for the project, and not just what you are comfortable with. As a developer in Jurumani, you will need to adapt your skills to the environment in which you find yourself.

This means that you are often in a position where you need to completely learn a new platform or language to solve a problem effectively. For example, Python with Django might be the best stack for one project, where the right stack for another is JavaScript React with Node.js. Whatever the solution, you need to master it.

Skills and experience:

  • Specific technology requirements vary per team, but in this space, we appreciate knowledge in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5 / CSS3, MongoDB, Docker, Node.js, AWS, etc.
  • The ability to adapt to the constant use of new and novel technologies to solve a specific problem.
  • Ability to contribute in critical thinking to every problem you attempt on solving.
  • Ability to communicate ideas or concerns effectively to team members.
  • The love of learning, and desire to teach those around you.

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