Monitoring Technical Officer

Midrand, South Africa

The main role of a technical officer, we are monitoring different customer’s sites in order to ensure that if their network goes down on site we can troubleshoot as soon as possible and restore their network. The monitoring tools that are used are Netcool and Integrity (an internal monitoring system). Once we have seen an alarm and the site tests down, we will then need to log an incident and notify the client by email and phone call. We use Siebel to produce Service Reference numbers and to find Contact information of the clients.

Technical Officer also needs to be able to determine whether we are experiencing major outages which cause multiple customers to be affected. Furthermore, a Technical Officer needs to log calls if applications used by staff internally are not performing as expected.

Role responsibilities and key focus areas:

  • Manage and report system and network-related outages.
  • Perform event management (monitoring), identify and take ownership of any problems.
  • Proactively monitors the network and network services systems and escalates (as appropriate) any issues in a timely manner.
  • Testing and troubleshooting links on the network that’s down or unstable. Log incidents for all alarms testing down intermittent connection by recording and updating customer (contact) information as necessary in Siebel SRM.
  • Provide accurate initial assessment of categorization and prioritisation for reported incidents or service requests.
  • Call clients to confirm power on-site and on the equipment.
  • Updating and closing all resolved calls.

Skills and experience:

  • Matric Certificate (Requirement)
  • CISCO International CCNA Certificate (Requirement)
  • CompTIA A+ and/or CompTIA N+ 

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