Network Architect

Midrand, South Africa

This job is not available anymore.

Jurumani offers an environment where creativity and the practice of building things is believed to be fundamentally useful to both the Client and Jurumani Solutions. Providing opportunity to focus on making products and business operating capabilities work, which means we often are more concerned with how systems align, orchestrate and integrate to achieve business outcomes than any single point solution, essentially building systems that make fixed and mobile telecoms services work for the consumer and enterprise markets.

The environment encourages Agile and DevOps modes of operation, particularly for software we build and manage ourselves. 

To provide quality project-based implementation of technical solutions to all clients for converged networks. Vendor Management, Customer Liaison network problem determination. Act as an escalation point to resolve complex provisioning solutions.

Problem diagnosis and a clear understanding of the client’s needs and networks Design solutions to meet complex customer network requirements. Interact fluently and successfully with customers to extract technical requirements and details.

Role responsibilities and key focus areas:

  • Reviewing designs prior to such designs being proposed to customers.
  • Negotiating with Solution Architects to find a balance between design capability and cost.
  • Serving as an arbiter in disputes about different network designs.
  • The incumbent is expected to adhere to time- and quality-based Service Level Agreements to ensure that the commercial processes are not unduly delayed.

Skills and experience:

  • Relevant IT or Engineering Degree
  • CCNP certification (non-negotiable)
  • 3 to 5 years experience in designing complex networks
  • The incumbent must have the people skill to convince others (typically Solutions Architects) to change their proposed designs for the better.
  • The incumbent must have a technical background and experience to appreciate the arguments that will be made in support and in opposition of designs.
  • The incumbent must have the ability and poise to interact with senior management on sometimes contentious arguments for an against designs.
  • The incumbent must have the ability to perceive and understand all the components of a design – their strengths, weaknesses, and their interaction - to see the big picture and balance different components of a system design to arrive at a successful design. 
  • The incumbent will typically have experience in the implementation of different ISP technologies and/or consulting in such technology.  Inter alia:
    • MPLS data networks
    • SD-WAN data networks
    • The concepts and fundamentals of routing and switching
    • Data network security, physical and hosted firewalls, network proxies
    • Hosting – physical and virtual servers, cloud hosting services, DNS
    • VoIP – Hosted PBX, Unified Communication, and Hosted Call Center applications
    • L2 access and backhaul network
    • Business Support systems
    • Operations support systems
    • Troubleshooting and repair of services based on the above technologies

Values and behavior:

  • The incumbent must have the ability to think critically about technical matters where the primary value is the suitability of a design for an intended purpose.
  • Must have the ability to argue a case dispassionately and separate emotion from facts.
  • Must be pragmatic enough to understand and accept compromises that are necessary.
  • Must be able to weigh up multiple factors that influence the suitability of a design in order to put forward a recommended course of action.
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